Bendigo Autumn Music Cancelled.

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you of the cancellation of Bendigo Autumn Music due to far lower than expected ticket sales.

Red Square Music wants to thank all the incredible partners, sponsors, artists, staff and ticket buyers who took a leap of faith and came along the journey. It’s been one of the most difficult calls the promoter has ever had to make but unfortunately it’s just not viable for us to produce the festival & line up through next month.

We have been working on this event over two years now with the belief that the event would be an amazing success and a brilliant addition to Australia’s regional music festival calendar. We had an amazing location and venues, the lineup was really strong and we had some very good media coverage, extensive advertising and promotion, but simply no traction and conversion to ticket sales, despite the event being on sale for eight months.

With only 30 days until the event, we have had to make the responsible decision and cancel 4 weeks out, in order to give artists, those that did purchase tickets, and our partners, adequate notice.

We’ll be processing all refunds over the next few days and those that purchased tickets through our website will be refunded by Tuesday 2nd April, and should appear in your accounts within 24 hours. Those that purchased tickets from Capital Venues and Events should contact them directly to arrange for refund.

Lastly, if you have any questions, comments or general feedback you can contact us at

We thank you for your support and are sorry for any inconvenience.