Z-STAR DELTA (UK) is an explosive duo fronted by multi-instrumentalist Zee Gachette. Fast becoming hot music property and hailed as the highlight of many festivals, thanks to their legendary and high octane live performances. The duo have an impressive sound that travels through an intoxicating mix of Country Blues and Desert Rock.

They have played at Glastonbury (UK), Radio City Hall (New York), various European Festivals and now huge Australian Festival favourites having played over 30 Aussie Festivals over the last 4 years.

"A force of nature." - Jimmy Page

"Hyper-blues that spiritually hail from the Mississippi Delta....Z-Star Delta feature Zee Gachette’s driving drums, acoustic guitar and Earth mama vocals (often all at the same time), and Sebastien’s hypnotic psych and slide guitars.
Charismatic, vibrant, original." - 100% Rock Magazine

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