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Van Duren was part of the early Memphis power pop scene that spawned the legendary Big Star, and made several underexposed, small-label records during the late '70s. Duren began playing in bands at the age of 13 in 1966 and attended high school with eventual Big Star drummer Jody Stephens; he auditioned to replace Chris Bell in Big Star in 1974, shortly after the completion of Third/Sister Lovers.

In 1975, he and Stephens collaborated on some demos that were produced by former Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and a year later he was playing in a group called the Baker Street Regulars with both Bell and Stephens. In 1977, Duren traveled to New England to record his solo debut, Are You Serious?, released in March 1978. The album was released in Europe as Staring at the Ceiling on London Decca.

A documentary has been made on his career entitled WAITING: The Van Duren Story' which premiered in November 2018.

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