From the scaffolds of her acoustic beginnings Merpire has developed an established sound of eerie synths, cinematic flourishes, haunting melodies and beautifully written, chilling vocals.

In 2017 Merpire landed the opening slot supporting Ainslie Wills on her July tour and relocated south from her hometown of Sydney shortly after. The now Melbourne based musician is gearing up to release her forthcoming single ‘Hauntways’ in early 2018 – a lilting synth-pop number about revisiting the memory of a lust-fueled kiss and the cathartic process of writing about it in the same hallway where it all took place.

Merpire's live show is as captivating as it is dream-inducing, with Rhiannon’s disarming vocals holding you in a perpetual dream-state whilst shifting from ukulele toting to guitar plucking amidst unabashed storytelling and banter.

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