Sun | CAPITAL THEATRE | 5.15pm

Harry James Angus, the explosive trumpet-playing singer from The Cat Empire, is known for his deeply original live performances, in which the highest standards of musical craftsmanship are thrown into chaos, uncertainty, and ultimately transcendence.

Featuring some of Australia’s finest jazz soloists, complete with horns, vocal chorus and Angus’s soaring trumpet, Struggle With Glory is a new project that explores the archetypal stories of Ancient Greek mythology - the savage and beautiful world of the Olympian Gods, of Achilles and Odysseus, of Sea Nymphs and of the Minotaur, re-imagined through the swoop and holler of traditional Gospel music.

The call-and-response, emotionally charged tropes of American Gospel bring these ancient stories to life. Like a church for pagans, Struggle With Glory is by turns celebratory and mournful, completed by trad-jazz improvisations that will have even the strictest of pundits idol-worshipping in the aisles.

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