Elizabeth Mitchell is an artist and musician based in Melbourne, Australia. Mitchell is best known as the lead singer and songwriter of the indie-pop group, Totally Mild. Mitchell penned the critically acclaimed debut Totally Mild album Down Time using her life experiences of burgeoning sexuality, youth and mental illness, Mitchell sings with an angelic voice that encapsulates both hope and tragedy. Her, the band’s highly anticipated sophomore album (released February 2018), is full of narrative heart, but with a Stepford sheen.

Mitchell’s solo work has weaved Totally Mild’s music for years, but now it makes a tapestry of its own. Mitchell’s music teases out thematic tension between the loving and the lacklustre, the domestic and the deluxe, Mitchell’ s voice is crystal clear and it weaves through her immaculately considered instrumental arrangements.

Mitchell has been firmly cemented in Melbourne’s music community for 7 years, touring extensively locally and internationally, notably throughout Europe and UK. Through Mitchell’s leadership, Totally Mild have had a hugely successful spell supporting many international bands such as Best Coast and Real Estate and playing to enraptured audiences at the Meredith Music Festival and industry conference BIGSOUND. Elizabeth Mitchell is also a solo artist in her own right, having worked with Grand Salvo, Tenniscoats (Japan), and Lehmann B Smith.

Mitchell is no stranger to the music game. She was a finalist for APRA Personal Development Award in 2017 for ‘Popular Contemporary’ and Totally Mild were nominated for the 2015 AIR Award for ‘Breakthrough Artist of the Year’.

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