Archer is an old time sing-song man. He works the fruit picking rounds, sits under the sky a lot and drives a car if he has to. He's earned his singing spirit from the feet up with his many hours of being out with the country, getting it under his skin the only real way you can.

Archer has a pared-back honest clarity and strength of presence that stand him apart. He sings up the land, its people and animals, in a way that's seldom heard today; with all of himself, without artifice, with dark humour and real beauty. He sounds like he's been singing for a hundred years and will still be singing it in a hundred more just the same.

There's no one else doing it like Archer.

Archer has toured widely across Canada, Australia and New Zealand playing many of its major festivals. He's supported luminaries such as Martha Wainwright, Pokey Le Farge and CW Stoneking. Despite this you might find it hard to catch him. He'll appear off a road somewhere and sing you a few songs and then wander off into a forest leaving you wondering if it was a ghost story or a dream.

His debut album 'Old Time Sing Song Man' was released on Pound Records in 2015 and he now releases his much anticipated 7 inch 'My little Sweet Aussie Sweetheart'.

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