ALWAN TRIO (Israel/Iraq)

MARKET PLACE| 4pm & 7.30pm
Sun | Rifle Brigade Hotel | 12pm

Alwan Trio was founded in 2008 to give a deeper Expression to Middle Eastern Art music and it's various genres, a typical performance of the trio will include the music from Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Morroco and Original Compositions.

With traditional authentic instruments like the Oud, Ney and Frame Drums 
the Trio will take you on a Journey to the ancient beauty of the Middle East

Yuval Ashkar - Oud Combus, Vocal (Having trained with great masters in Israel, Yuval has performed at many festivals in Australia and overseas).

Phil Carroll - Ney, Accordion. (accomplished multi instrumentalist & studied music in Turkey and Egypt).

Matt Storehouse -Percussion (Has been studying, teaching and performing for many years, specialising in Darbuka and a varity of frame Drums).

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