Sunday | Ulumbarra Theatre | 7.15pm

"One of the most literary albums ever made by an Australian band.

The Go Betweens recorded their literate and poetic album 16 Lovers Lane in 1988 and over the years it has become a beloved part of Australian music history, regarded by many as the pinnacle of the band’s musical legacy.

Thirty years later three of the albums original creators Lindy Morrison, Amanda Brown and John Willsteed have reunited to perform 16 Lovers Lane in it’s entirety. Joined by musicians Dan Kelly, Luke Peacock and Danny Widdicombe, the concert features a unique lineup of guest singers - carefully curated by the band – who perform these songs of love and loss penned by songwriters Robert Forster and Grant McLennan.

Originally commissioned by Katie Noonan and the Queensland Music Festival, 16 Lovers Lane has been rapturously received by audiences at Sydney Festival and Melbourne International Arts Festival, with every performance highlighting guest artists unique to each location.

The most heartbreaking album of all time…the Indie “Rumours”
- David Hutcheon (1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die)

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